Woodworking Project for Beginners

A Teepee Fit for Any Child’s Play Thing from Barbie Dolls to Action Figures

One of the most basic woodworking projects is building a model teepee. The teepee has set the standard for mobile homes for centuries. Long before the hook and trailer was invented the teepee has was sheltering Indians from the rain and weather. This project is highly simple and can be done by even the most novice of wood workers. Most of the materials you probably have on hand already with the Teds woodworking book. We will start by gathering the supply list below.

  • one two foot square piece of wood regular particle board works just fine.
  • Green felt or artificial grass two feet square.
  • dirt (common easy fill dirt)
  • Several Rocks one to two inches should be big enough( these are one gonnae used for Decoration so it is really up to you.)
  • seven sticks( you could use dowel rod but I suggest using sticks out of your yard ranging form ¼ inches to 1/3 inches in diameter and about 12 inches long . What ever length is better for you to find but make them uniform)
  • regular string or twine about 24-36 inches
  • Glue any kind will work but good Elmer’s glue does a great job
  • Woodworking glue.
  • brown paper bag.
  • Crayons or markers of you own choosing
  1. Begin by cutting your wood to size.
  2. Second step is to trace a 12″ circle in the middle of the board.
  3. Now Like the numbers on a clock u need to mark the location for seven holes. The places will be in the 12, 3, 9, 5, 7, 1, 11. now that you have the locations the holes have to be drilled just smaller then the diameter of the stick you are using. The hole has to be drilled on an angel. This you will have to judge by eye aiming all the sticks to meet in ruffly the center of the circle.
  4. Once the holes are drilled u need to use some standard wood glue to fill the hole and insert the sticks accordingly.
  5. Once glued in place use a small portion of the string to ind the tops together. Then set the whole structure aside to dry according to the directions of the glue you used.
  6. Now cut open the paper bag and lay it flat.
  7. You now need to trace the measurements unto it. Start with a 24″ line now tracing a second line perpendicular to the first 10″ above it. For proper placement please refer to the drawing. After connecting the lines together as shown in the drawing provided your ready to cut it out. ( warning this plan and drawings were made by myself and especially on this step should leave room for error.)
  8. Now placing the paper on a flat surface decorate it as you see fit.
  9. Then using regular Elmer’s glue fasten the paper to the teepee.
  10. Last step is to decorate the board surrounding and inside the teepee I have listed the materials that I used but I will not go into great detail on how to do this to allow for random creativity.

Congratulations you have now made your very own Native American teepee fit for a child’s birthday, Barbie dolls or action figures.



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Top Vacuum Sealer Reviews

We all know that, in a recession like we are living in now, every penny counts. Vacuum sealers help us save money by extending storage life of our food. The main reason food gets spoiled or rotten is that food contacts with air, and oxygen. When you limit or eliminate the contact of food with oxygen, the storage life of food extends considerably. For example, if you put a beef steak in a zip lock bag before you put it into freezer, it will be edible for 3-6 months. But if you properly vacuum seal it, it will stay edible for up to 2-3 years. Therefore, if you use a good vacuum sealer regularly, it may save you considerable amount of money in the long run, eliminating food that is wasted due to improper storage.

OK, so which vacuum sealers are best in the market? We have reviewed some of the best selling and highest rated vacuum sealers for you:

Foodsaver V3020 Vertical Vacuum Sealer Review:

This is one of the most user-friendly vacuum sealers on the market. If you are new to vacuum sealing your food, it might be a bit weird to get used to it with other vacuum sealers. But not this one. FoodSaver V3020 was designed from the start to be user-friendly. It has large buttons that are easy to read. Comes with very clear instructions in the manual. It also has 2 different settings for vacuuming wet foods and dry foods.

Weston Pro 2300 Vacuum Sealer:

Did you notice how grocery stores, butchers, and other retail food stores use vacuum sealing to keep their food fresh? Of course, these commercial level products are much bigger, with stronger vacuum power, and comes at much higher prices than vacuum sealers for home use.

What Weston did with this product is, scale down the size and capacity of commercial level vacuum sealers for home use. Mind you, this is not the cheapest model that you can find. But if you have a large family, or need something more advanced and has more power and capacity that most other vacuum sealers for home use does not have, this might be the best option for you.

Foodsaver V2244 Advanced Design Vacuum Sealer:

This vacuum sealer is one of the best ones for home use. First, it is compact and does not take a lot of space in the kitchen. Second, it has almost double the width of bags it can seal, so its compact size does not mean it can seal less food, in fact, it can seal more than many of the bigger vacuum sealers. Third, it has some advanced features that other sealers don’t have like “crush-free sealing” where you don’t crush soft, delicate food to seal them. And it does all of that with a reasonable price tag.

Rival Vacuum Sealer Review:

This is one of the most compact and cheap vacuum sealers we have reviewed so far. Sure, it does not have the vacuum power or capacity of Weston Pro 2300, or advanced settings like FoodSaver V2244. But if all you need is a simple cheap vacuum sealer that does the job, Rival Vacuum Sealer may be the best option for you. If you are new to vacuum sealing your food, Rival Vacuum Sealer is a very good starting point.


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Supercell möchte mit seinem Game natürlich Geld verdienen, was ihm auch gegönnt sei. Clash Royale kann kostenlos in den App Store geladen werden, hat aber neben viel Spaß auch jede Menge In-App-Angebote im Gepäck. Das scheint die Spieler nicht zu stören, denn auch in den deutschen Stores hat sich das Game binnen Tagen hunderte von positiven Bewertungen gesichert. In-Apps sind also kein Hindernis für Erfolg, was Supercell bereits in der Vergangenheit mit seinen Leading-Titel Hay Day, Boom Beach und natürlich Clash of Clans bewiesen hat.

One more enormous motivation to play now? You can figure out how to play with other individuals. Not at all like a MOBA, you happen to be probably behind distinct aficionados who are acquainted with the class in general. Clash Royale utilizes a great deal of commonplace elements, but it’s a radical new invention. In the occasion that you get in now, you can play although folks are as however understanding and finding the secrets to how every thing functions and how procedures ought to function out. It’s sort of like playing battling online comfy – you have really got a shot at carrying out admirably! The matchmaking as of now rewards a vocation at putting you with players around your expertise.



When your feet hurt, you do not feel good all over. You might have severe pain at times or maybe you have dull aching pain. No matter what level of pain you have in your feet, you can have foot pain management using orthotics. You do not have to deal with pain in your feet all the time.

If you are wondering what orthotics are, you should know they are special inserts made to fit your feet. These inserts go into your shoes. You should make sure to find out from your doctor what the best kind of shoes for these therapeutic devices would be. Do not be fooled by the cheap inserts you can get from the shoes store or the shoe section in department stores. These are not the same as the orthotics you are fitted for and need a prescription to get.

The cause of your foot pain could be from a variety of things. One could be from a condition called plantar fasciitis. This can be very painful and can even cause you to have severe pain when you first wake up in the mornings. Many people have this ailment and have found that wearing orthotics helped them a great deal.

When you have been using orthotic therapy for your feet, you will begin to see a big difference in plantar fasciitis. You will not have to dread putting your feet on the floor in the morning when you wake up. Talk to your physician about how you can get your set of orthotics. Many podiatrists recommend using this kind of cushioning in your shoes.

The healthy state of the arches in your feet means a lot. When the arches collapse under your weight while walking, it is called pronation. This is a normal kind of movement. Excessive pronation is when the arches are damaged from too much work. Those people with flat feet usually have this problem. You can have bunions, Achilles tendinitis, and heel spurs erupt from excessive pronation. Choosing to wear orthotics will help by acting as a shock absorber for the arches and their movement.

You may have heard of those people with spurs in the heels of their feet. Indeed, the title of spurs indicates pain. When the ligament that is attached to the heel bone is overworked and begins pulling at the area it is attached at on the heel, formations of calcium occur. These formations are what become heel spurs. Some have jagged tips that cut into the tissue in your heel. Talk to your doctor about the treatment for spurs and see how you may benefit from wearing orthotics.

What about that dull and aching pain you sometimes feel in the area just behind your toes? The ball of your foot is what this area is sometimes called and feeling that kind of pain there indicates a condition called metatarsalgia. You can have a lot of relief from this condition by wearing orthotic shoe inserts. Visit your doctor to find out how you can get a prescription for orthotics.

You can find out all you need to know about how to get fitted for your orthotics from a podiatrist. If you do not have a poditatrist, then talk to your family doctor about referring you to one. The doctor that specializes in foot care and pain is the way to foot pain management using orthotics.

When it comes to sore feet, you need to go to the doctor to see what your problem would be. You can find our Orthotics for Plantar Fasciitis Management can help you with the pain you have. The Orthotic foot pain management will be helpful to you to ease your problem and suffering.